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Radermacher & Partner GmbH

30 years of consulting experience in strategy, innovation and technology

Since the company was founded in 1987, Radermacher & Partner consultants have concentrated on strengthening the core competencies of market leaders. We are one of the few consulting firms that combine expertise in strategy, innovation and technology.

Our clients include large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of our clients develop and produce complex products with extensive knowledge in all engineering and science disciplines or offer technical services. Nevertheless, our advice is not limited to specific industries. You will find an overview of our clients in our reference spectrum. More detailed examples of our consulting mandates can be found for each of our core service areas Management Consulting, Interim Management and Change Management.

In management consulting, we support our clients in mastering the increasing complexity of products and processes in a targeted manner in order to sustainably increase their business success and the value of their company. We are proud of our track record as implementers and continue to measure ourselves against it at all times.

In this time of comprehensive changes due to the change to Industry 4.0, employees need trustworthy pilots who convince them rationally and emotionally in order to inspire them for the unexpected of the future. Radermacher & Partner supports change management processes for the implementation of new strategies, structures, processes, technologies and behaviours from conception to operational implementation.

In addition to classic management consulting, we have always offered interim management services. Based on contractually regulated legitimation, we also represent our clients' interests in operational activities for a defined period.

‘Stay and grow’ rather than ‘up or out’

The market for management consulting services is worth around 30 billion euros in Germany alone. This large service segment remains fragmented, with no single company showing clear dominance. The largest consulting firms combined account for significantly less than 10% of the total market. The majority are individual consultants and smaller firms. There are approximately 16,000 registered consulting firms operating in Germany. Radermacher & Partner is a mid-sized firm and will continue to grow organically, but not at all costs. We decide as a team who fits in with us. For us, an intact corporate culture is of the essence. In the future, we will continue to offer our clients tailored services – not products with a high degree of reproduction.