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Management consulting

Our consulting approach: Customized, feasible, collaborative

In the area of management consulting, we advise our clients from technology-intensive business areas in all entrepreneurial questions of technology management as well as product and process innovations. If necessary, we supplement our mandate with change management and/ or interim management services.

Our consultants approach each assignment analytically and begin by reducing its complexity. We define decision-making parameters, explain alternatives and propose a solution to each problem. Concepts and approaches are worked out with experts from our clients’ organisations. The project results can be understood at shop-floor and management level. In each assignment, we pay extreme attention to implementability. During the implementation phase, we often retain responsibility as supporting consultants or even as temporary interim managers until the intended objectives have been achieved.

The consultants we deploy are without exception highly qualified and have practical experience in the fields we serve. We work quickly, precisely and reliably in mixed teams of a manageable size consisting of experts from our client’s organisation and as few consultants as possible for the assignment.

Tailor-made work from the boutique instead of ready-to-use solutions from the mass suppliers

As a high-profile consulting boutique, we differ from the mass providers in the consulting market in the way we execute our mandates:

  • Expertise: We recognise interactions on the basis of our solid grounding in engineering, natural sciences, business administration and/ or social sciences.
  • Individuality: We develop solutions that are tailored towards the intended objectives.
  • Experience: In implementing our concepts, we are able to draw on a wealth of relevant professional experience in the services we provide.
  • Empathy: We are mindful of the feelings and motives of all the stakeholders we work with.
  • Passion: We are convinced of our approach to solutions and have a mobilising effect on the client’s organisation. 
  • Responsibility: We are at all times aware of our joint responsibility for achieving the intended results.
  • Appropriateness: We maintain a sense of proportion in the number of consultant days we require and in our fee rates.

In our business, 30 years’ experience is an endorsement of recognised quality and customer orientation. We continue to see the promise of success in the future in particular for management consulting the way we understand it.