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Corporate Social Responsibility at Radermacher & Partner

Our strategy for environmental, social and economic sustainability

At Radermacher & Partner we act responsibly - not only towards our clients and business partners, but also towards our employees, the environment and our social community. In order to highlight our corporate responsibility and further improve our performance, we have established a sustainability management system and continuously implement CSR measures initiated by our team.

Responsibility for the environment and climate

Radermacher & Partner GmbH is committed to its responsibility for the protection of the environment and operates in a sustainable and resource-conserving manner. We actively reduce our consumption of energy and other resources and avoid waste. As management consultants, we travel a lot - and predominantly climate-neutrally in the long-distance traffic of the German rail (97% of our travel kilometres). We have also switched to 100% green electricity at our head office. When selecting our business IT, we are guided by the energy balance according to the "Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics".

Fairness towards our employees

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees is a central principle of our entrepreneurial approach. We therefore ensure a safe working environment and support the health of the people who work for us through an appropriate working environment. We realize fair working conditions, equal opportunities and individual support for all employees. We see diversity as an opportunity and we live and promote a corporate culture characterised by mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation.

It is important to us that the relationship between employees and management is based on partnership expressed in a cooperative management style. Our employment relationships are designed for the long term ("stay and grow" instead of "up or out"). We offer unlimited contracts and an attractive, industry-standard salary based on a transparent and uniform remuneration system. In annual reviews, we jointly evaluate the past year and define goals and perspectives.

Integrity and transparency in cooperation with our customers

Integrity and transparency are the key principles for the relationship with our clients. In our assignments, we meet the highest standards with regard to our work, feel committed to our clients and offer them genuine additional value. We work closely and in partnership with our clients, but always maintain the necessary independence and distance in our personal and professional contact. All employees of Radermacher & Partner GmbH are committed to honest, responsible and fair cooperation with our clients.

Commitment to our social environment

We feel committed to the community and support social and economic issues in the region of our headquarters through selected activities.

In the current CSR evaluation of the industry initiative Railsponsible by EcoVadis in 2020, Radermacher & Partner achieved a gold ranking among the top 2 percent of the evaluated suppliers.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the German Sustainability Code (DNK). For the year 2018, we have for the first time published a sustainability declaration in accordance with the German Sustainability Code:

Anja Lösch