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Benefits for our clients

Our interim managers are flexible and versatile, with general management experience and an appropriate professional background. They are appointed temporarily to bridge vacancies, in times of crisis, for project management, or as specialists. Our services make up for management shortages and offer the added bonus of impartiality, which gives companies an often crucial competitive edge just when they need it. Especially when times are challenging, our interim managers have the necessary confidence and impartiality that many long-established managers can no longer match.

Our interim managers are usually employed in special circumstances:

  • Quantitative or qualitative shortages
  • Temporary assignments to compensate for staff shortages
  • To perform a role at the first or second level of management
  • With managerial authority and the corresponding powers
  • To perform an executive role
  • To take over the sole or joint management of a project
  • To coach managerial staff
  • Reporting to the supervisory board, the management, shareholders or other stakeholders

What our clients value in particular about our interim managers is their availability at short notice, how quickly and efficiently they are appointed, and how promptly they deal with urgent decisions, projects and tasks. Our interim managers are in particularly high demand for projects that involve:

  • Improving the performance of companies or individual business units
  • Opening up new markets and/or developing new customers
  • Reorganisation/ turnarounds
  • Managing and implementing complex projects
  • Temporarily bridging critical vacancies, e.g. plant manager, quality manager, etc.

Most assignments are short-term, lasting just a few months. However, some of our interim managers have also filled positions for several years, e.g. as head of business development during a reorganisation phase, as technical managing director, or as head of quality and engineering with the task of stabilising the quality level.