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Our range of services in Change Management

Change management is typically defined by Radermacher & Partner’s consultants as a sub-project of a larger project/ programme. The following service modules are among our classics.

  • Strategy development: Every mobilisation is preceded by an understandable story. Everyone involved must be addressed and must know what their personal contribution is to be. Each level of the organisation should be part of the strategy, with specific tasks and objectives. The top priorities here are clarity and truthfulness; contradictions in substance are to be avoided.
  • Stakeholder management: The different interests of all the stakeholders have to be sounded out and explicitly recorded. Each group of stakeholders should be involved individually and addressed appropriately. The planning and realisation of the activities must take content and timing into account.
  • Communication: There are a multitude of different communication formats (newsletters, flyers, posters, apps, employee letters, intranet news, meetings, training courses, events, telephone, video and web conferences, giveaways, etc.). The use of these formats should specific to the target group and situation.
  • Support: Personal support for the people of whom change is expected is essential during the change process. This support can be of a technical or process-related nature and can be provided by experts, change agents or managers.
  • Training: New aspects of the working environment, specific know-how and behavioural changes have to be learned. This can be achieved using face-to-face training courses, but also with the aid of video training, explanatory videos, user tutorials, support apps, quick guides, manuals and handbooks. We can help you in preparing the didactic approach and the technical implementation of the respective formats.
  • Monitoring: Success measurement is an indispensable part of any change process. It enables the current implementation status to be assessed and course corrections to be made at short notice.

Our consultants can add further change management modules as required.