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Interim management

Know-how for transitional periods

Our solution for operational bottlenecks: Flexible, versatile managerial staff with general management experience and an appropriate professional background

The pace of business is determined by globalisation, rapid technological change, short implementation phases for innovations and sudden challenges. Specialist knowledge is key when it comes to taking fast, professional action in this context; some situations also call for additional resources combined with specific expertise. Ever since our company was founded in 1987, we have offered not only management consulting but also interim management services. On the basis of contractually agreed legitimation, we can also represent our clients’ interests in operational activities for a defined period.

Our interim managers

Our interim managers either belong to our pool of consultants or are expert freelancers we have known for years. In some cases they are experienced managers with whom we have collaborated on previous projects in our clients’ companies. Our consultants see their interim assignments as a welcome change from their core area of work in management consulting and a chance to experience our clients’ everyday operations first-hand. Temporarily taking over a line management role allows our consultants to change their perspective (again), seeing things from the point of view of our clients and experiencing the absorbing influence that day-to-day business can have on a management role. Working on an interim asssignment, our consultants develop the ability and willingness to recognise and better understand managers’ feelings, thoughts, emotions and motivations. This experience is something they can subsequently draw upon in their core work in consulting.