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Challenging and diverse consulting assignments with a focus on industrial clients, a diversified and highly motivated team, and individual opportunities for development in a flat hierarchy: this, in a nutshell, characterizes the work as a consultant at Radermacher & Partner.

We invite you to gain an impression of us and our work. Any questions? Then feel free to contact us. We appreciate your interest!

Nine reasons for Radermacher & Partner

Our customers range from large corporations to medium-sized and small companies. This mixture of sizes is interesting. Medium-sized companies have completely different requirements and expectations than corporations. Most of our clients develop and produce complex products with engineering and scientific expertise or offer technical services. However, our consulting services are not limited to specific industries, but cover all entrepreneurial aspects of technology management as well as product and process innovations. If required, we complement our assignment with change management and/ or interim management services. Our consultants execute line management duties and accept responsibility for the operational business of our clients.

We often work for our clients over several years, in long-term and follow-up projects, so that together we can accomplish great achievements and realize noticeable changes - and even witness the results of our work. As a rule, the projects we work on are of the highest relevance to the client company, are located at board or management level and involve close cooperation with top decision-makers. Our topics are diverse and up-to-date: For example, we deal with the digitalization of production and maintenance as well as the mobility of tomorrow.

Read more about our references and examples of our mandates in the areas of management consulting, change management and interim management.

We offer customized solutions for our costumers’ specific problems, not off-the-rack services. This means for our consultants: It never gets boring and every project is a new brainteaser!

We work in compact mixed teams of top performers from our client organization with as few consultants as possible for the task - quickly, precisely and reliably. In doing so, we pay extreme attention to implementability and cost-effectiveness. In addition, we not only design concepts, but often remain responsible during the implementation phase as accompanying consultants or even as temporary interim managers until the desired goals are achieved.

Our employment contracts are designed for the long term. You should grow with us and we want to grow with you. The possible execution of every function from junior consultant to partner has its typical time span. The exact duration of each individual stage depends on many influencing parameters. Commitment, dedication and apprehension are the factors that help you to make rapid progress.

We are convinced that successful consulting is based on not only expertise and knowledge of methods, but above all on diversity. We all share a willingness to perform and strong social skills. For us, individuality and team spirit go hand in hand; we do not want to promote lone warfare. We always decide together who best complements our team - not only professionally, but also humanly.

We believe in "learning on the job": From your first day on, we will ideally integrate you into our projects. Right from the start, we give you the confidence to act independently in your projects and to meet customers at eye level - supported, of course, by your colleagues and tailored to your previous experience. Our consultants are typically involved in the entire project cycle and take learnings from all phases - from acquisition via tendering and concept to implementation and successful completion. In addition, we offer the opportunity for further qualification and training according to individual needs and interests, ideally in connection with the position in our company.

We cultivate intensive personal communication at eye level across the hierarchies as well as quick decision-making processes. In annual appraisals, we jointly define goals and perspectives and take time for detailed mutual feedback. Even outside this annual cycle, regular meetings are held in which work tasks, opportunities for improvement, problems and disruptions are discussed. Management and project managers are available for questions, problems and comments and provide regular feedback throughout the year.

We are team players and together we make sure that you have a good start with us. Every new colleague is assigned an experienced mentor who assumes a co-responsibility for your successful integration into the team as well as your professional development. Though we do not always meet personally during the week for project reasons, we are always approachable among colleagues and maintain a close bond.

Open culture, flat hierarchies, and creative leeway: In our boutique consulting firm, this can be realized. We plan project assignments together; usually the consultants in question are already intensively involved in the tendering process. We trust in the autonomy of our consultants and respect their individuality: to the extent possible due to the work in customer projects, you can arrange your working hours flexibly and on your own responsibility. During projects, you are responsible for travel planning, choose your hotel according to your preference and arrange your evenings the way you like. Management consulting is a labor-intensive business and certainly not a nine-to-five job, and that also applies to us. However, we care for reasonable working hours, use weekends and holidays as time off and find flexible solutions for important private occasions. During the project week, we organize joint meetings on a voluntary basis without an obligation to attend at all times.

At Radermacher & Partner we are aware of our responsibility towards employees, customers and business partners as well as towards the environment and our social surroundings. We have established a CSR management system and work together to ensure a resource-friendly way of performing our business. Integrity, fairness and transparency are the highest maxims for our relationships with clients and employees. We realize fair working conditions and equal opportunities for all employees. We see diversity as an opportunity and live and promote a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect, tolerance and esteem - without any room for discrimination. All employees are committed to honest, responsible and fair cooperation with our customers and follow appropriate compliance guidelines.

Dr. Ralf Kunz

Project Manager, Authorized Manager
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Responsible for recruiting
+49 (0) 81 51 / 5 55 11 - 60

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