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Our sector know-how in management consulting

For 30 years now, we have specialised in technology-intensive sectors – sectors requiring skills in all areas of engineering and natural sciences and expertise in economics.

  • Automotive & components industries
  • Transport engineering & rail industry
  • Infrastructure & operating companies
  • Machinery & plant engineering
  • Electrical engineering and information technology
  • Technical services & service sector

Each of these market segments differs considerably from the others – from extremely short product life cycles and comparatively large volumes in highly competitive markets to multi-year durations of large-scale projects with public sector involvement. Nevertheless, findings from many of the issues involved in one segment or industry can equally well be applied to others. That is what makes our profession so exciting.


Photo credits: 3 - Franziska Kraufmann; 5 - Deutsche Bahn AG / Stefan Klink; 6 - Pixabay / PhotoMIX-Company